When we choose our routes we naturally pick smooth roads with little traffic and great views. That covers just about every minor road in Catalunya. We go a step further and link those fabulous roads with hidden gems of villages and landscape that you might otherwise miss. Our .gpx routes can be exported into any satnav and come with POIs, suggested stopping points, easy refueling stops and clear guidance for getting the most out of your precious holiday adventure time.

Here is one very simple route leaving from our home base and travelling through the local mountains, which start 200m after leaving our house!

Conte Sant Magi
The beautiful convent of Sant Magi stands at the highest point of our ride out

Ride to Santa Perpetua De Gaia (105 minutes, 97km)

Highlights: amazing views from ruined Moorish castle and convent (allow 30 minute stop for photos and exploring)

The ruined convent and Moorish castle of Sant Perpetua De Gaia
The ruined convent and Moorish castle of Sant Perpetua De Gaia

Ride to Santuri De Santa Magi (20 minutes) – great views on the way followed by a nice stopping point for photos and exploring then 20-minute ride to Coffee/lunch stop – Santa Colomo De Queralt (allow 45 minutes stopped) – lovely town square, beautiful church and streets

Ride home via Sarral and El Pla De Santa Maria (50 minutes – 1:35) refuel in Vila Rodona, possible coffee stop and look around the village if required (Roman Colambaria, museum, lovely church, bars etc. )

Time in saddle 1:45 – Distance 97 km – full route takes 3:35 hours including stops

Ride details

Return from from Sant Colom De Queralt
Return from from Santa Colomo De Queralt

Ride style:

Starts with mountain forest twisties through the Querol Valley. Fabulous open views, occasional small villages, very little traffic, great smooth road surfaces. Shaded so cooler in summer. Rises to high point of 745m at Santuri De Sant Magi.

Second part of journey through Santa Colomo De Queralt is high planes, open swinging bends dropping to lower roads through farm land and woods. Great road surface and little traffic. Some open straights for speed and overtaking.

Click on the link below for a sample of how our routes look. There is also an option to download this as a .gpx file if required. These come bundled with a word document showing stopping places with photographs to help you find the best places. Alternatively, I would be happy to ride with you and show you the highlights and also help with language.

Santuri De Sant Magi 1hour 45minutes 97km